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More than 1.2 million people are living in Zimbabwe with HIV/AIDS, including 150,000 children. There are 1 million orphans countrywide, many are the victims of this pandemic.

Please make your check payable to:

                      J.F. Kapnek Trust

                   936 Dewing Ave. Suite E3

                   Lafayette, CA  94549

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For HIV Prevention - $200

Pediatric AIDS is preventable.

The Kapnek Trust trains birthing center and hospital personnel to provide HIV testing, counseling and follow-up care to prevent the spread of HIV from mother-to-child during birth. 

This method of HIV prevention has a proven track record. The pediatric infection rate in Zimbabwe has fallen dramatically from 60,000 children a year in 2001 to 12,000 in 2010.

Our goal is reduce the the number of children born with HIV in Zimbabwe to nearly zero.

To this end, in 2009 we began to implement an exciting new program to dramatically improve the drug regimen offered to HIV-positive expectant mothers.  Within the next few years we hope to decrease the rate of transmission from mother to child to that of the developed world. It’s an ambitious, AND attainable goal.

A contribution of $200 can help prevent HIV in one child.

For Orphan Support - $50

The Kapnek Trust - Zimbabwe currently supports 89 preschools where thousands of children receive comprehensive array of basic health care, nutritional support, immunizations and early childhood education in an innovative and United Nations award-winning program.

A contribution of $50 allows one orphan to attend preschool and receive a free, daily, hot meal for one year.

We also seek grants and donations to support our preschools’ ongoing need for supplies such as paint, glue, toys and scissors. (U.S donors, please see Materials Drives below, for volunteer and material donation opportunities.)

Orphans Home - $300

While the Kapnek Trust works to maintain children within their communities, there are some children who have no where to turn. Some of these children find their home at the Kapnek-supported Vimbainesu Children’s Home. (Vimbainesu in Shona means “Trust in Us.”) A donation of $300 supports a child for a year.

Renovation of a Preschool - $1,500

Kapnek-sponsored preschools are established within existing primary schools. Volunteer community members are teamed with a Kapnek construction manager who oversees renovation of classrooms, and the building of latrines and playgrounds, when needed. Once established, a local board and the school headmaster oversee the day-to-day running of the preschool. Parents also help run the school by volunteering to cook the children’s shared lunch. 


Medical Scholarships - $50

The J.F. Kapnek Trust is committed to educating women in the medical sciences. To date, more than 35 doctors have graduated with support from the Trust, and many other women have become nurses, pharmacists and other medical specialists.

We are grateful to Kaiser Permanente for its ongoing support of the medical library at the University of Zimbabwe.

Materials Drives - Priceless!

If you live in the East Bay/Lamorinda area in California and are interested in donating supplies to our preschools, or heading a drive, please contact our Lafayette office at:

Info@JFKapnekTrust.org or 925-962-7150

List of items needed.

Your U.S. donation is tax deductible as we are a registered 501(c) 3 public charity. Approximately 95% of your donation will go to direct support of these programs where your help is needed the most.

“Kapnek Trust is a model of international trends in caring for (Orphans and Vulnerable Children).”


One of the many students who have pursued a medical or scientific career with help from the J.F. Kapnek Trust.

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